Why Choose a shower instead
of a bath?

Showering versus bathing...

Showering vs Bathing

People with reduced mobility often find showering easier than bathing and it can provide a greater level of independence, below are a few reasons why it may be better to install a shower rather than a bath...

  • Walk in baths are not maintenance free like showers are.

  • Walk in baths can cause a person to get a cold while waiting for the water to fill and empty the bath

  • Walk in baths create a water safety hazard when opening the door

  • You must purchase a very high quality bath otherwise with time water will leak

  • Why choose walk in baths that cost thousands when showers only cost hundreds?

  • Showers do not generate expensive water and electricity/gas bills
    like walk in baths do

  • Remember walk in baths will never be suitable for wheelchair users

  • Walk in baths are not barrier free; sooner or later you will require easier access,
    why not save money and install an accessible shower now!


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