"In the UK around 75% of people over age 65 own their own home; they are looking for well-designed, attractive showers that will last for the rest of their life.

The bathroom is a key area in the home where elderly and disabled people have the most difficulties."

With the trend toward inclusive design, the focus is on quality and design solutions for everyone.

No more getting wet!

With these safe and functional shower doors you do not get wet when providing assistance to:

 Children    Elderly       Persons with reduced mobility

What are the benefits of half height shower doors?

Half height shower doors allow a nurse or care provider to give assistance to the user while at the same time staying dry. Depending on the configuration, doors can open out fully to give the maximum space possible for the user to enter the showering area, which is ideal in particular for wheeled shower chair users as there are no awkward obstacles to negotiate on entry.

Are half height shower doors available in different sizes?
Yes, doors are available in many different sizes and are available in many different configurations for either a corner entry or saloon/alcove showering area.

Can an adapted bathroom still be used by the whole family?
Absolutely, these shower doors shown on the right, are beautifully styled and prove that adapting your home to meet your changing needs does not have to mean installing institutional looking showering equipment. Showers with half height doors are still perfectly usable by those who don't need assistance, simply by using a curtain that is usually provided with the doors to prevent water spray.

Are these types of shower doors expensive?
Buying and installing a level access shower with half height doors is generally much cheaper than purchasing a walk-in bath and many options are available to suit your budget.

Are there any Grants available to help pay for these products?

If you are in In England, Wales, or Northern Ireland
, you may be eligible for a Disabled Facility Grant which can assist in the purchase of this equipment. In Scotland, grants are available to provide homes with all the "standard amenities" which are a level access shower, a wash-hand basin, a sink, all with hot and cold water supply, and a toilet. You may also find useful information from Care and Repair an organisation that runs projects in many areas to help people over 60, or younger people with disabilities, to deal with repairs to their homes. Care and Repair can help organise the paperwork to apply for grants.



Example of Easa's half height shower doors with clear safety glass panels and a stylish chrome finish.

Easa Dek

Shown here, half height white shower doors with polycarbonate panels.