"An accessible, adapted home can significantly help to improve an older or disabled person’s quality of life.

Adaptations give independence, help prevent falls and reduce admissions to hospital or care homes."


We all have to compromise on lots of things as time goes by... yet style should not be one of them.

Showering Accessories

Grab rails and fold up support bars can assist in a variety of tasks both in the bathroom and other areas of the home. The most common disabilities affecting bathroom usage are those associated with mobility and dexterity; the same disabilities that are generally common with the elderly.

The simple installation of accessories such as grab rails, support bars or shower seats, can help to give the user confidence and support with immediate effect and can be beneficial for the entire family.

Can grab rails be installed outside of the bathroom?
Yes, grab rails can be installed anywhere inside the home where a user might need support, it is recommended to use a qualified tradesman to install grab rails, ensuring the correct type of screws are used depending on the surface and location of the installation.

Are there 'stylish' options of grab rails available?
There are a large variety of grab rails on the market in a variety of materials. The aesthetic quality of such products is now improving as more and more companies design for people's homes rather than a hospital setting.

What are the benefits of installing a shower seat?
For users who are unsteady on their feet or become tired from standing for a period of time, shower seats can reduce the risk of falling or slipping when in the shower. Having a shower seat can provide a great deal of independence and allow the user to sit in comfort to shower and wash themselves.

Can shower seats be used in multi user bathrooms?
Yes, shower seats are easily folded away when not in use so are perfect for bathrooms with multiple users.

Stainless Steel Grab rails

Elegant stainless steel grab rails designed by the Easagroup

Shower Seats

Padded Shower seats.


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